African Poems

Grandma’s Cassette


It’s the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and I am living with my parents for a while. We decided to organise some boxes of old things and all of a sudden, I found a precious cassette. This cassette belonged to my late grandmother. Upon holding the cassette, I instantly remembered my childhood days, and how my Grandma loved playing the cassette. I reminisced on the beautiful Sierra Leonean Gospel songs that it played. Songs like: Mine, mine, mine, Jesus is mine (or in Krio: Mi own, mi own, mi own, Jesus na mi own). These songs joyfully rushed back into my mind. It also reminded me of the sweetness of my Grandma, and how she was a massive part of my upbringing; from my birth to the age of eleven. This is a poem in memory of my Grandma and her beloved cassette.

I will never ever ever forget,

When Salone culture and I first met.

I was introduced to a music set,

An ancient little thing called Grandma’s Cassette.

I must have been three years old at the time,

When Krio songs echoed wonderful rhymes.

Songs of Praise! So sweet and fine,

The type where you leave all your worries behind.

My sister and I loved this thing,

We’d sit by Grandma and listen to her sing.

The vibrant 90s stereo would ring,

It felt like flying on melodious wings.

This was over twenty years ago,

How I miss my Grandma so.

I found the cassette in a box you know!

I’ll keep it for future generations to show.

Dis na mi fevrit myusik sεt, (This is my favourite music set)

Na mi myusikal padi; mi smɔl smɔl pεt. (It’s my musical friend; my small pet)

Mi a go nεva εva fɔgεt, (I will never, ever, ever forget)

Di byuti of mi Grandma εn di kasεt. (The beauty of my Grandma, and the cassette)

By Elicia Fyle

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