Eyes Connecting


Eyes connecting through the air,

Like wind connects to leaves.

The mask enables us to share,

A stare of which we’re pleased.

I gaze into your gentle eyes,

And know just where you’ve been.

Your difficulties multiplied,

Yet peace is still therein.

Captivating is the word,

I’ve never seen the like.

Navigating through the herd,

When train peak times do strike.

At times our eyes do disconnect,

Embarrassed by the gaze.

But then an interesting effect,

Combines optical rays.

Your stop arrives and you alight,

You smile through those sweet eyes.

The day my phone had not my sight,

My eyes gained a great prize.

By Elicia Fyle

Poetic Genetics


Genetics is a growing field,
The knowledge of our genes.
Discovering our DNA,
And what the findings mean.

How one gene correllates to what,
Our eye colour will be,
How the next gene will set the scene,
For our ethnicity.

It’s now a well-known fact to say,
That gene faulties occur.
These gene variants have been linked,
To various cancers.

Breast cancer’s often classified,
By BRCA mutations.
The BRCA gene is different to,
Healthy comparisons.

The neuroblastoma cancer,
Affects children, though rare,
The MYCN gene is amplified
This knowledge steers healthcare.

By understanding pathogenic
Gene variations,
We can direct many patients,
To effective treatments.

Genetics is a thriving field,
There’s so much more to learn.
This knowledge leads to great healthcare,
And new treatments are earned.

By Elicia Fyle


Inexplicable Joy

A joy that’s inexplicable,
That gladly overwhelms.
Like eating a glorious meal,
Within a peaceful realm.

It’s accepting the truthful fact,
That tomorrow’s unknown.
By trusting God who never lacks,
You relax on your throne.

You see someone who clearly rose,
From the wrong side of bed.
Instead of becoming a foe,
You share a smile instead.

Joy when you see a newborn smile,
It’s magic and glory.
Joy when you see your Grandma dial,
To share her life stories.

You choose to turn the other cheek,
When someone insults you.
Instead you pray for them to seek,
A joy you know is true.

Like Jesus at the Last Supper,
He knew His time was near.
Despite this His joy was proper,
He gave thanks, ate with cheer.

Though we do have our ups and downs,
I challenge you today.
Choose to have joy, put on your crowns,
You’re vital like sun rays.

By Elicia Fyle


I Will Choose You

When struggles come into my life,
When difficulties brew.
I will take heart, I will have peace,
Dear Lord I will choose you.

To live with you in poverty,
Or without you in wealth.
Dear Lord, I’d be a poor woman,
And trust you’ll give me health.

Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego,
All three chose you, Dear Lord.
Therefore the fire could not burn,
Your grace was their reward.

Oh God, your presence overwhelms!
Oh Lord, I am in awe!
Through rattling and raging storms,
You’re with me evermore.

Father you have the final say,
You’re just, and you are wise.
Our perfect Saviour Jesus died,
But indeed, He did rise.

In times of harvest, growth, and crops,
In times of driest grounds.
I thank you for your presence Lord,
Acknowledge you’re around.

When things are great and when they’re not,
I know just what to do.
I’ll put you first above all things,
Dear Lord, I will choose you.

Elicia Fyle

Ancient Streets


A fictional love poem. I hope you enjoy reading.

Ancient streets, modern beats.

His dance was timid, two left feet.

His silent confidence shone through,

My interest in him grew.

Naturally, I could see,

Him filled with glee, his moves carefree.

I reminisced on how we met,

Strangest encounter yet.

It was three years ago or so,

The morning dragged, and I was slow.

I realised I overslept,

Out of my bed I leapt.

The time was eight and I was late.

I grabbed my coat, ran out the gate.

I rushed along the ancient street,

And fell over my feet.

Luckily, I was free,

From any major injury.

My hands were bruised, my spirit down,

I hear a gentle sound.

A voice so deep, yet calm and sweet.

He stood tall on the ancient street.

He offered help for me to stand,

He kindly gave a hand.

From that point on, we’d often talk,

On my commute, we’d often walk.

I didn’t realise it then,

That we’d be more than friends.

Back to the street party story,

The dancing ends, he sits by me.

We gaze into each other’s eyes.

My stomach, butterflies.

From that point on, everything changed,

Our lives completely rearranged.

We faced a new reality,

The rest is history.

By Elicia Fyle

© Elicia Fyle 2021

Unpredictability of Life


This life is unpredictable,

Who knows what lies ahead.

You may envision nine-to-five,

But business calls instead.

A young man never would have thought,

He’d emigrate elsewhere.

Low and behold a scholarship,

Affords to take him there.

A couple who has hopes and dreams,

To start a family.

May never have expected that,

They would have twins with glee.

A boy who stuttered left and right,

Now speaks with confidence.

A girl who dreamt to grow and dance,

Now is a President.

Only God knows our future friends,

The good times and the bad.

Let us make plans, remembering,

That God’s say makes us glad.

By Elicia Fyle

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” – Proverbs 16:9

God’s Mighty Plan


To have pure peace will take some work,

It’s not easily gained.

You choose to trust God’s mighty plan,

Contentment in your lane.

Eradicate your worries friend,

All will be well I say.

A must-do is to consciously,

Remember God and pray.

For no one knows tomorrow’s plans,

We haven’t got a clue.

We must therefore trust in the Lord,

Be stuck to Him like glue.

You may be going through it now,

But stay strong, you’ll be fine.

As long as you’re aligned with God,

His ways will make you shine.

Look to how God used barrenness,

To birth John the Baptist.

How He chose a man of few words,

To free slaves from Egypt.

How He chose an unlikely man,

To slay Goliath down.

And then told Paul, who had a past,

To share Gospels in towns.

How God gave us our dear Jesus,

A small and fragile Babe.

How this Babe grew to teach and lead,

And died for us to save.

Dear loved one, don’t look left and right,

But straight above to God.

Trust that He knows what’s best for you,

He looks at you and nods.

By Elicia Fyle

My Love for Cancer Research – A Poem


My love for science first began,

At university.

I learned about our many cells,

And their identity.

How cells divide mitotically,

How they have nuclei.

How nuclei have DNA,

How this is amplified.

It’s amplified through PCR,

A famous lab technique.

This brings me to my love for labs,

And all that science seeks.

The joy of lab work every week,

I simply can’t deny.

The peace of passaging your cells,

With microscopic eyes.

I’ve worked in cancer research fields,

For over three great years.

Manipulating cancer genes,

Eliminating fears.

I’ve helped to wipe away the tears,

Of children with cancer.

I’ve researched ways to treat children,

With neuroblastoma.

Though there is more work to be done,

Hope is alive indeed.

My fervent love for cancer work,

Will push us to succeed.

– By Elicia Fyle

The Train Journey of Joy and Simo



Oh what a joyous day today,

I’m heading to the shops!

My big birthday is coming soon,

I’ll buy nice shoes and tops.


I’ve lost my business through and through,

Today is full of grief.

My livelihood has disappeared,

I am in disbelief.


I’ll take a break from driving now,

And catch the local train.

The town centre will see my face,

My money they will gain!


My last journey to work today,

My train has just arrived.

I’ll go and sit next to this girl,

Who never stops to smile.


I’m gazing through the old windows,

To look at new spring leaves.

I turn to see who’s next to me,

He’s crying as he grieves.


“Excuse me, it’s a tough time now,

I’ll try to hold my tears.

I’ve lost my job and livelihood,

There’s so much pain and fears.”


“I’m sorry to hear such sad news,

I know it’s tough for you.

I know exactly how you feel,

I’ve gone through hard times too.”


“My job was part of my being,

It made me who I am.

I don’t know what the future holds,

I don’t have any plans.”


“Two years ago I lost my job,

My house, and all my things.

Since then I’ve built a livelihood,

Trust God, one day you’ll sing.”


“Thank you for kind and gentle words,

You give lovely advice.

The weather’s beautiful today,

You going somewhere nice?”


“My birthday’s coming very soon,

I’m shopping for the day.

I’ll invite you to my party,

It’s this week Saturday.”


I didn’t know whether to go,

As sadness still ensued.

I did go, and then realised,

My wife, I would pursue.


Two years had passed within their lives,

They gladly tied the knot.

My friends, stay strong, tough times won’t last,

T’s will cross; i’s with dots.

– Elicia Fyle

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NKJV)


Life on a Yellow School Bus

Here, I have written a poem of a young girl who explains her experiences on an American school bus. She’s an immigrant to the US, and describes her interesting observations while travelling to and from school on the yellow bus. Her story may or may not be based on the author’s experiences. Who knows 🙂

Freshman year of High School came,

She climbed on Bus Fourteen.

The sun shined through the stained windows,

She sat on old leather seats.

“The fourteen-year-old on Bus Fourteen!”

She youthfully made the link.

“I’m on an American yellow school bus!”

Her mind would joyfully think.

Her bus journeys were a snapshot,

Of the different people she’d meet.

Most would be loud and proud,

Few would be willing to greet.

A friendly person she met,

Was the bus driver on the wheel.

He’d often grab them food,

And pay for their whole meal.

The loud kids sat at the back,

One threw a shoe at her head.

Apparently accidental,

She questioned the motive instead.

And then there were the unique,

She watched one particular youth.

He’d catch a flying cicada,

And eat it, licking his tooth.

“I’m on an American yellow school bus!”

Her mind would joyfully think.

She became the observant one,

Her eyes would never blink.

By Elicia Fyle


Way, Truth, Life

In life we always seek to find,

A peace that calms our day.

Jesus gives us peace of mind,

He truly is the way.

The way, the truth, the life,

For all of you and I.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

We thank you all the time!

He calmed the storm in troubled times,

He’ll give you strength like youth.

He’s worshipped with poetic rhymes,

For He indeed is truth.

The way, the truth, the life,

For all of you and I.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

We thank you all the time!

You and I we’re filled with sin,

But God’s love made things right.

He sent His Son to die for us,

He rose, he gives us life!

The way, the truth, the life,

For all of you and I.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

We thank you all the time!

– By Elicia Fyle


Grandma’s Cassette


It’s the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and I am living with my parents for a while. We decided to organise some boxes of old things and all of a sudden, I found a precious cassette. This cassette belonged to my late grandmother. Upon holding the cassette, I instantly remembered my childhood days, and how my Grandma loved playing the cassette. I reminisced on the beautiful Sierra Leonean Gospel songs that it played. Songs like: Mine, mine, mine, Jesus is mine (or in Krio: Mi own, mi own, mi own, Jesus na mi own). These songs joyfully rushed back into my mind. It also reminded me of the sweetness of my Grandma, and how she was a massive part of my upbringing; from my birth to the age of eleven. This is a poem in memory of my Grandma and her beloved cassette.

I will never ever ever forget,

When Salone culture and I first met.

I was introduced to a music set,

An ancient little thing called Grandma’s Cassette.

I must have been three years old at the time,

When Krio songs echoed wonderful rhymes.

Songs of Praise! So sweet and fine,

The type where you leave all your worries behind.

My sister and I loved this thing,

We’d sit by Grandma and listen to her sing.

The vibrant 90s stereo would ring,

It felt like flying on melodious wings.

This was over twenty years ago,

How I miss my Grandma so.

I found the cassette in a box you know!

I’ll keep it for future generations to show.

Dis na mi fevrit myusik sεt, (This is my favourite music set)

Na mi myusikal padi; mi smɔl smɔl pεt. (It’s my musical friend; my small pet)

Mi a go nεva εva fɔgεt, (I will never, ever, ever forget)

Di byuti of mi Grandma εn di kasεt. (The beauty of my Grandma, and the cassette)

By Elicia Fyle


A Career in Science

He finally saw the light.

After being uncertain of what to do,

His career goal’s in sight.

He envisioned himself in a lab,

Searching for cures left to right.

To help the sick and suffering,

To overcome their plight.

“One day I will help those in need,

Wearing my lab coat that is white!”

By Elicia Fyle


Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! My name is Elicia, also known as the Rhyming Scientist.

Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me. Here, you’ll find that I’ll be posting poems and short summaries based on my interests, which include cancer research, Christianity, and the beauty of Africa. My goal is to promote the sciences through the art of poetry. It’s going to be an awesome experience!

Little Things

Take notice of the ‘little things’,
You carry forth in life.
For really, they are not so small,
Their impact makes one wise.

The time you scrub a cooking pot,
To wash and make it clean.
Preparing it for future use,
To hold nice food to eat.

The spontaneous walk you take,
To breathe in nature’s air.
You share a smile with a passer-by,
Expressing love and care.

The humble life you choose to live,
Letting life take its course.
Confident of God’s gracious plans,
In this life that is short.

Including those who do not fit,
The current status quo.
Like Jesus who was welcoming,
To tax collectors so.

Forgiving those who’ve done you wrong,
Forgiving yourself too.
Wishing them all the best in life,
Wishing the same for you.

Indeed, notice the ‘little things’,
You choose to do in life.
For these things are exhalted grand,
And really make you thrive.

By Elicia Fyle