God’s Mighty Plan


To have pure peace will take some work,

It’s not easily gained.

You choose to trust God’s mighty plan,

Contentment in your lane.

Eradicate your worries friend,

All will be well I say.

A must-do is to consciously,

Remember God and pray.

For no one knows tomorrow’s plans,

We haven’t got a clue.

We must therefore trust in the Lord,

Be stuck to Him like glue.

You may be going through it now,

But stay strong, you’ll be fine.

As long as you’re aligned with God,

His ways will make you shine.

Look to how God used barrenness,

To birth John the Baptist.

How He chose a man of few words,

To free slaves from Egypt.

How He chose an unlikely man,

To slay Goliath down.

And then told Paul, who had a past,

To share Gospels in towns.

How God gave us our dear Jesus,

A small and fragile Babe.

How this Babe grew to teach and lead,

And died for us to save.

Dear loved one, don’t look left and right,

But straight above to God.

Trust that He knows what’s best for you,

He looks at you and nods.

By Elicia Fyle